Apple & Almond  gf, df, grain free

Apple Cake gf

Balsamic Fig  gf df, grain free

Balsamic Fig gf, vg

Chocolate Cake gf, df, rsf

Chocolate without nut flour, gf, df, grain free

Cinnamon Swirl gf

Gingerbread with Cinnamon Buttercream Icing gf

Lemon Pound Cakelettes   gf

Limoncello & Cranberry gf, df, grain free

Orange Burst gf, df, grain free

Strawberry Rose  gf

Triple Coconut Birthday gf, df, rsf, grain free

Yellow/Vanilla   gf

cakes available 7", 9" two layers, various icings available


Chewy Chocolates   gf, grain free

Chocolate Chip   gf

Chocolate Chunk Tahini   gf, vg

Cut Out Sugar gf

Gingersnaps gf

Hemp & Chia gf, rsf

Italian Lemon Biscuit   gf, df

Lemon Crinkles   gf, df, grain free

Maple Raisin   gf, rsf, vg, grain free

Pignoli   gf, df

Pumpkin Chai   gf

Road Trip   gf, rsf, vg, grain free

Snowballs   gf

Wine Biscuits   gf, df, vg

Winter Trees   gf, df



Avocado Sweet Potato  gf, df, grain free

Baby Bear Pumpkin  gf, vg

Breakfast   gf, df, rsf

Cinnamon  gf, df

Crumb Donut  gf, rsf, grain free

Simply Doughnuts  gf, df, rsf, grain free

Glazed Banana gf

$4 each




Banana Bread Cups w/Walnuts   gf, df, rsf,

Blueberry Beet   gf, df

Blueberry Crumb   gf, df, rsf

Chai   gf, df, rsf, grain free

Fall   gf, df

Lemon Ricotta   gf

Power Spinach  gf, df, rsf

Pumpkin, df

Spice Latte   gf

$4 each




Blue Majik Chia Cup gf, vg, rsf      

Brownie   gf, grain free             

Chai Chia Cup gf, vg, rsf

Chia & Fresh Fruit Cup  gf, vg, rsf

Chococolate Sunbutter Cup gf, vg, rsf, nf

Olive Oil & Honey Oat Bread  gf, df, rsf

Pretzels  gf

Pumpkin Bread  gf, df, rsf, grain free

Strawberry & Beet Chia Cup  gf, vg, rsf

Sweet Potato Mash

On the go cups $6 each

Bread, pretzels costs vary with size


gf  gluten free      df   dairy free       rsf   refined sugar free      vg   vegan  

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