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How it all began

I've always enjoyed cooking for my family and trying new recipes, creating menus or reading about food and health, which has been a passion of mine for so many years! The time felt right to embrace the notion of doing what I love and start baking for more than family or small parties so I started on this journey, which came with a twist. One of my children was diagnosed with Celiac Disease which impacts the body's ability to digest and absorb nutrients from foods containing gluten, including wheat, barley and rye. Our family supported her in any way we could to assure her health wasn't compromised, which meant purging all our bakeware, kitchen utensils, etc. to make sure there wasn't a chance of cross contamination with gluten. Along with our daughter, I too embraced the gluten free lifestyle.  My journey began learning how to cook and bake without gluten...and Sweet Crumb Pastries LLC was formed in June of 2017. 

I soon found out that packaged gluten free products don’t usually contain healthy ingredients and they taste strangely different than what most of us are used to. I was committed to find a way to make gluten free pastries, not only healthy, but good tasting! With much determination,  I've found it can be done.  This segue to my plan has taken me down a different road but it has led me to discover many different and interesting foods, nutritional health benefits from real ingredients, and most importantly, all the stories of the customers who have taken different journeys to find better tasting gluten free goods! Whether it is a dietary restriction or not, we love to hear people's reactions when they try our pastries. 

Thanks for allowing me to share with you one of my many sweetest moments in life -


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